Turn up the WOW

Turn up the WOW

A Sparkol online event | The recordings

Tired of creating the same video content, not sure where to start on your animation journey, or wondering exactly how to use storytelling?

Across the first week of March, we shared our juiciest animation secrets and storytelling tips from Sparkol’s CEO, Creative Lead and more. Plus, a host of guest speakers spilled the beans on their journey to video success. 

Big thank you to everyone who joined us live. If you want to catch up on any of the sessions, check out the recordings below. Just grab your beverage of choice and a snack to enjoy!

P.S. They're all completely free to watch.

Keynote: Let's turn up the WOW

It's time to unlock your inner storyteller and go beyond the ordinary. Join us as we kick off this event, look at the incredible possibilities of video in 2021 and share insights into how animations captivate audiences.

Zoe Taylor - Sparkol CEO | Suzy Farag - Sparkol Product Lead

Panel discussion: the best advice on translating your story into a storyboard

The transition from story to storyboard isn't always as straightforward as you might think. How do you plan out the detail of each scene without losing the magic and flow of your story? Our inside experts will be answering that question and a whole lot more as they share their tips on crafting the perfect storyboard.

Jonny Finch - Sparkol Head of Customer Success | Louis Domaille - Sparkol Creative Lead | Oliver Luddy - Sparkol Training Content Creator

How I use video to engage students in and out of the (virtual) classroom

Learn Steve's strategies for using video to boost student engagement in online classes. As well as how he injects humor and fun into his videos with creative animations, voice-overs and imagery.

Steve Raywood - English teacher specializing in English as a Second Language (ESL) and founder of Learn English with Steve.

Story led marketing: how to use stories to supercharge sales and grow your business

Join Sarah to learn the three big mistakes people make with their speaking and marketing, the secret 17th century credo at the heart of all marketing success, and how you can leverage stories to get more engagement and sales.

Sarah Archer - Founder of Story Led Marketing, helping entrepreneurs and businesses achieve growth with stories and humor.

The undeniable benefits of developing your team's video skills (and how to do it!)

From marketing and sales to HR and development, there are so many different ways organizations can benefit from video. However, without investing in the people involved, the journey to success can take some time.

Learn our advice on how to accelerate video adoption by building the skills and confidence of your team, from our experience training some of the world's biggest brands.

Jonny Finch - Sparkol Head of Customer Success | Louise Greaves - Sparkol Marketing Manager

Voicing your production: how to get it right

In this talk, Miles explains why voice-overs can make or break your video, how to pick the right voice for your production and influence how your audience feels. Plus, extra inside tips and tricks to ensure your video hits all the right notes.

Miles Chicoine - Managing Director and co-founder of Voquent.com, the world's largest professional voice acting agency.

Turning a dry presentation into an animated explainer video in 30 minutes

If you've ever wondered how a bland presentation could go from zero to 100 then this is the workshop for you. Jonny will be showing you how he turns a PowerPoint presentation into an engaging animation from start to finish in just 30 mins (plus time for Q&A at the end!).

Jonny Finch - Sparkol Head of Customer Success

How I teach people about the law and their rights in just 60 seconds

One minute is not a lot of time, but you'd be surprised how much you can communicate, especially with imagery to help with the heavy lifting. Join us to learn how Christian makes a complex topic like the law accessible for all, and how you can too with the right approach to animation.

Christian Weaver - Barrister at Garden Court North Chambers and founder of The Law in 60 Seconds.

The secret to presenting complicated things in a simple way

Join Carole to learn her easy process for turning complex information into easily digestible presentations and say goodbye to communications fails, forever!

Including how to get your audience's attention right off the bat, tips for streamlining and simplifying your content, and easy ways to visually reinforce your message.

Carole Alalouf - President and Founder of Exaltus, a multi-disciplinary marketing agency that turns complex information into compelling visual stories.

How I use video to enhance internal communication in a global organization

Learn how David uses video to overcome the challenges of communicating with different teams and colleagues around the world, especially when it comes to managing change. Plus, David's tips and advice for others looking to harness video in their communications.

David King - Director of Strategy and Innovation at CESO (Canadian Executive Service Organization)

How to boost your creativity and spark original ideas

Join us to explore how creativity has evolved during the pandemic and discover 6 activities, mindsets and practices that can help unlock your inner creative. Plus, we'll be sharing our favorite free online tools to help you think outside your bubble.

Ashden Walker - Sparkol Head of Marketing | Naomi Linford - Sparkol Content Marketing Manager

Driving digital advertising results with video: the inside tips

Join Heidi to uncover the benefits of advertising with video versus images and text, how to approach video advertising for social media and display, the anatomy of an effective video ad, and how to accurately measure and learn from results.

Heidi Hopwood - Senior Account Manager at Adapt, the international digital performance marketing agency helping brands grow faster.

Ask us your burning animation and video creation questions: an open Q&A

This is your chance to ask us anything (about video or storytelling)! Once you've signed up for this session we'll email you to ask for your questions ready to submit to Jonny and Oliver for them to answer live.

Jonny Finch - Sparkol Head of Customer Success | Oliver Luddy - Sparkol Training Content Creator

Animation techniques that'll WOW your audience

If you're ready to turn up the dial on your animations then this is the workshop for you. Join Jonny to learn how to use movement to reinforce your message, the secret to smooth scene transitions, and how to take your audience on a journey with moving elements.

Jonny Finch - Sparkol Head of Customer Success

That's a wrap! The next step in your video journey

Join Zoe as we reflect on the key learnings from Turn up the WOW, pulling out our favorite quotes and ideas. Then it's over to you, we'll share how you can start putting these ideas into practice with the help of Sparkol.

Zoe Taylor - Sparkol CEO