Welcome to Sparkol Studio

We make awesome videos. For you.

We love ideas. They're everywhere, but so many never get to sparkle and make the world a better place. Lost in a sea of words and beige. We don't love that.

We also love videos. They're way better than words, but everyone says they have to be difficult and expensive to produce. We don't love that either.

We're on a mission to bring our two loves together and enable the world to share ideas in creative ways.

Let's share your ideas together.


You have an amazing story...
...our team of video gurus can help you tell it.


Share your message with the world. We can take any idea and turn your story into an awesome video, saving you time and effort. Our award-winning team of illustrators, wordsmiths and creatives are here to help you. Let's talk! Whatever stage you're at with your idea, we'll pick things up and get your project rocketing to the moon.


The power of video. It's not just for shiny commercials.

Tell your story

By using storytelling you can easily catch people's attention... and hold it. It's not just people either - search engines love videos. They see them as high-quality content, so using video on your website can work wonders for your SEO.

How's that for a win win?

Product explainers

People are lazy. Too lazy to read all the text on your landing page. A short video can hook your prospects and help them understand your value proposition. Including an explainer video on a landing page can increase conversion by 80%.

That's 80% more qualified leads.


In-house training

Video isn't all about selling. It is also a fantastic way to engage with your whole business. Video is proven to be the most popular medium to learn - so what better way to inform, educate, train and even induct your team members.

Happy team. Happy business.


The Sparkol Studio team were recently excited to work with...

We've recently had the pleasure of working with Callaghan Innovation based in New Zealand - a part of the Science for Technological Innovation organisation.

The SfTI team wanted videos to announce their call for seed research project proposals. This example was produced purely within our VideoScribe platform.


Let's talk...

It all starts with a conversation...

Whatever stage of your project you're at, our team can pick things up and get things going.

Whether you have just the sparkle of an idea, or a fully polished script and storyboard, we can bring our full creative experience to the table to bring your video to life. 

Drop us a message and we'll be in touch in a flash. If you just can't wait, give us a buzz on +44 117 428 6117 or +1 646 475 1630.

Don't just take our word for it. Our friends love their Sparkol videos.

"At foraus, we don't have enough resources in-house to deliver the videos within the time frames we need. We contacted Sparkol, explained the brief and level of standard we require and they put their expert skills to the test and turned around a project in under a week. This saved us valuable time and helped us hit our deadlines."

- Digital Innovation Manager, foraus

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