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You’ve got something to say. We’ve got a team of script-writers, designers and animators waiting to mold your message into a video that makes you go WOW. Your audience will be fizzing with delight in no time. Choose from one of our house styles. Maybe our iconic illustrations (as seen in VideoScribe) gets you excited, or are you feeling our artistic 2D animation vibes instead?

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Custom illustrations for VideoScribe

Perhaps you’re already making jaw-dropping videos in VideoScribe and just need a little tailoring to make it your own. Our Studio team will design, draw and animate any custom images for you. Whether that’s brand imagery or your cat. You do you.

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Our whiteboard animation style

Whiteboard animation is one of our signature styles, embracing the simplicity and effectiveness of illustrations. It's characterized by static images being drawn for the viewer and often uses a bare background to remove distractions and focus on what's being drawn. Our whiteboard animation style is one of the most popular choices to explain complex information.

Illustrations and static images are the focus
Bare background with a focus on the animations

Perfect for:
Explaining a complex product or service
Policy changes or improvements

Sparkol Studio Whiteboard Animation Style;
Sparkol Studio 2D Animation Style;

Our 2D Animation Style

Our 2D animation style is a playful choice to communicate your message to your audiences. Using color, motion and quirky characters, 2D animation uses all elements to bring a story to life. From visually exciting backgrounds, to quirky characters or objects. Our 2D animation style is used by our clients who want to evoke an emotional connection to the video.

Flat graphics
Unique cartoon-style videos
Movement and motion

Perfect for:
Playful imaginative realities
Marketing videos

Our mixed media style

Our mixed media video style combines one of the most common types of video media - a talking head - with overlayed animated graphics, text and illustrations. It's an increasingly popular approach to video content, especially when you have key points to highlight. 

Live action footage 
Simplistic animation overlays
Text, illustration or motion 

Perfect for:
‚ÄčLive demos
Customer and business testimonials

Sparkol Studio Mixed Media Video Production;

"We contacted Sparkol, explained the brief and level of standard we require and they put their expert skills to the test and turned around a project in under a week. This saved us valuable time and helped us hit our deadlines."

Digital Innovation Manager, foraus


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Speak to our Studio team today. They’ll begin the work of nurturing your seed of an idea into a flourishing tree. 
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