About Us

About Us

This is who we are

At Sparkol, we believe there’s a brilliant storyteller in everyone but sometimes you just need a little help unlocking your superpower. We were born out of the simple belief that everyone should be able to share their stories quickly, easily and affordably (without any special skills). 

We started by creating our now-flagship VideoScribe... and didn’t stop there. With our continually growing suite of software and professional services, think of us as the sustainable, ever-growing bamboo.

Say goodbye to glaze-face and hello to wide-eyed!

How we create WOW moments

We hate death-by-Powerpoint, so we listen. Our users tell us what they want to achieve and we create our software (or offer training or professional services) to make that happen.

We make distraction impossible. Together, we’ll take your ideas and give them some oomph, to make your audiences go WOW!

Our people

You’ll find Sparkol-ers in all corners of the globe, but our Head Office is fittingly in the UK’s urban art hub, Bristol (oh hey there, Banksy). We’re a team of just over 20 with an even female to male split. 

Contact us

Zoe Taylor MBE

Zoe wears many badges. “Owner”, “CEO”, “Mum” - but importantly she is the heart of Sparkol. With years of experience in sales and operations across several continents, Zoe’s passion is for helping people quickly and easily bring their story or message to life, leading to her acquiring Sparkol in 2018. With her passionate team of developers, marketers and animators alongside her, the Sparkol brand - now with its full-service studio and growing product suite - is delivering that passion to over 180 countries.  

Our vision, mission and purpose

We are Sparkol and our mission, vision and purpose are what drives us to surprise, delight, and wonder. Our vision is to help the world unleash the power of creative communication, which fuels our mission to create simple software for people of any ability to make and share engaging content. 

Why? Because we believe that anyone, anywhere can bring their stories to life in magical and meaningful ways. We all love to WOW!

"Using custom animation integrated with our photos, along with great music and voice-overs, Sparkol delivered exactly what we were looking for."

David King, CESO