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You’ve got something to say. We’ve got the animation team to bring it to life! Our experienced animators, scriptwriters and designers are ready to shape your message into a jaw-dropping video that'll make people go WOW. If a picture’s worth a thousand words, a video must be worth at least a million, right? 

Here at Sparkol Studio we create fun and engaging animated videos - and we've worked with some of the biggest and best global brands. From healthcare heavy hitters to construction trailblazers. From fortune-seeking startups to Fortune 500 dynamos... our work speaks for itself.

Let’s work together. Say goodbye to death by Powerpoint and hello to wide-eyed!

Bringing Freddie the Fish to life

Let us introduce you to our fishy friend, Freddie. He's Sparkol Studio's first pet, and using our range of animation styles we've got him living his best fishy-life. Freddie is showing you just how versatile our animation styles are to bring your own story and vision to life!

Learn more about our 2D animation style

Learn more about our 3D animation style

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Our creative process

Each video we create is unique and customized to you. Our three-stage approach works every time...

First up, scripting. We can work with your own text, or we can bring in our scriptwriters who'll work with you to create a compelling story. Next, storyboarding - creating custom illustrations for you to see our creative direction and plans for the animation. Lastly we’ll put all the pieces together in animation, add sound FX, voiceover, music… and voila! You’ll have your animated masterpiece! No more glaze-face and a whole lot more slack-jaw!

Want to get a feel for the different animation styles we specialize in? Check them out below...

Spotlight on 2D animation styles...

Our 2D animation team use an engaging mix of color, motion and flat graphics to bring your story to life. Using a 2D style is great for clean and simple messages - or you can really ramp things up with visually exciting backgrounds and quirky characters to evoke a more emotional connection with your audience. Just watch our highlights reel to see what we mean.

We’ve created 2D animations for some of the biggest global brands, so if you want to bring your idea to life, you know who to call. Contact our Studio team to get your custom quote today.

Spotlight on whiteboard animation styles...

Whiteboard-style animation embraces the simplicity of illustration, making your message the real hero. This style is an excellent choice for explaining complex information, for educational or explainer videos or for walking your audience through a narrative. It is characterized by static images being drawn in real-time for the viewer, usually with an accompanying voiceover. Take a look at our highlights reel for some examples.

We've created whiteboard animations for some big names and some smaller ones too. Contact our Studio team to get your custom quote today.

Spotlight on 3D animation styles...

An iconic, engaging and eye-catching style, 3D animations tell a story using moving images with depth, modelling and texture. Perfect for creating a world where truly anything is possible, 3D-style animations are a sure-fire way to impress your audience. Check out our highlights reel to see some examples of our work.

If you’re ready to visualize your story in an alternate 3D world, open your mind - and your email - and get in touch for a custom quotation today.

Spotlight on mixed media animations...

Mixed media video combines traditional live action footage or photography with animated graphics, text and illustration. This increasingly-popular approach to video content is perfect for company comms, live demos or customer testimonials. We’ll work closely with you to choose the best live action footage before pairing it with the most engaging animation, illustration and motion. 

The possibilities with mixed media videos are endless. Get in touch to get the ball rolling on your own mixed media video.

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