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You’ve got something to say. We’ve got the animation team to bring it to life! Our experienced animators, script-writers and designers are ready to mold your message into a jaw-dropping video that makes people go WOW.

Sparkol Studio was created because, like our customers, we had so many ideas to share but needed the "pizzazz", "zing", and "oomph" to make them remembered! And now, with our award-winning Studio team, it's our everyday reality.

We create videos for businesses around the world to share their incredible stories, from multinational corporations like AMEX, to the Swedish flat-pack legends, IKEA. Watch our showreel below see what we could create for you!

Our creative process

Each video we create is customized to you, and our approach is simple. Once we have your idea, we'll design the initial storyboard for you to experience our creative vision and direction. From here, we'll loop in our script-writers who'll work with you to create an audible story from your idea.

Finally, we'll put all the pieces together with a splash of animation, a dash of sound, and a sprinkling of magic, and you'll have your animated masterpiece. No more glaze-face and a whole lot more slack-jaw! Want a feel for our different styles? Check them out below:

Our 2D animation style

Our 2D animation team use a playful mix of color, motion, and flat graphics to bring your story to life! From visually exciting backgrounds, to quirky characters and objects. A 2D animation from our Studio team will evoke an emotional connection from your audiences. Just watch our highlights reel to see what we mean.

Our 2D animation style is loved by brands like USAssure, World Health Organization, and AMEX. Want to bring your idea to a playful reality? Contact our Studio team to get your custom quote today:

Our whiteboard animation style

Whiteboard animation embraces the simplicity of illustrations, making your message the real hero. This style is one of the most popular choices to explain complex information and is characterized by static images being drawn for the viewer. Check out our highlights reel to have a taste of this style in action.

A favorite for our clients like Massachusetts General Hospital, VideoScribe, and Ellura. Contact our Studio team to receive your custom whiteboard animation video quote today:

Our 3D animation style

One of the world's most iconic animation approaches, our 3D animation style uses three-dimensional moving images bringing some of the most memorable ideas to life with iconic characters and scenes. This is a sophisticated choice to literally bring your ideas to life with depth, modelling and texture. Our highlights reel will show you just that!

If you’re ready to visualize your story in an alternate 3D world, contact our Studio team today for your tailored quote:

Our mixed media style

Our mixed media video style combines one of the most common types of video media - live action - with overlaid animated graphics, text and illustrations. This increasingly popular approach to video content is perfect for live demos, customer testimonials and interviews.

Our Studio team works closely with you, choosing the best live action footage and pairing it with the most engaging animations, illustrations and motion. Get the ball rolling on your own mixed media video by contacting our Studio team today:

Some of our Studio clients

"We contacted Sparkol, explained the brief and level of standard we require and they put their expert skills to the test by turning around a project in under a week. This saved us valuable time and helped us hit our deadlines."

Digital Innovation Manager, foraus

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