Meet the Team

Meet the faces behind Sparkol! We're the ones who surprise, delight and WOW you with our products and services. Say hello to our Senior Management Team, our Customer Success, Engineering, Finance, Marketing, Product and UX, Sales, and Studio teams based at our HQ in Bristol and offices in New York. We're a curious bunch of creators, innovators and dreamers!

John Gibson, Chairman

John is our Chairman, working closely with the Senior Management Team to continuously review our business strategy and drive for a premium user experience for customers new and existing. With a wealth of Executive experience in UK and USA tech companies, John recognized the opportunity with Sparkol when he first met our CEO, Zoe, in October 2017. Struck by her enthusiasm and vision for Sparkol, John instantly recognized the opportunity and ability for Sparkol to grow its product and service offering for both our customers and our dedicated and talented team.

Zoe Taylor MBE, CEO

Zoe wears many badges. “Owner”, “CEO”, "MBE", “Mum” - but importantly she is the heart of Sparkol. With years of experience in sales and operations across several continents, Zoe’s passion is for helping people quickly and easily bring their story or message to life, leading to her acquiring Sparkol in 2018. With her passionate team of developers, marketers and animators alongside her, the Sparkol brand - now with its full-service studio and growing product suite - is delivering that passion to over 180 countries.

Jacinta Magee, Consultant CFO

Jacinta is a portfolio CFO, supporting a handful of SMEs to achieve their potential. To date her career has encompassed a wide variety of industries including professional Rugby clubs (both Union & League), Hotels, Venture Capital, Financial Services, Healthcare and Tech. She loves working with dynamic and enthusiastic teams, and is passionate about the use of technology across a business to help companies modernise and grow.

Christopher Snell, Lead Product Manager

Chris is our Lead Product Manager, and oversees the product strategy, steers the product team and guides the development teams on execution. He brings extensive experience in managing multi-platform products throughout their lifecycle across B2B and B2C markets. He loves chatting with customers to understand the what and the why, making sure we're building the rights things.

Jonny Finch, Head of Customer Success

Jonny heads up our Customer Success team which covers technical support, training and sales support. With over 25 years of experience building and managing teams and delivering world class customer service and training, he is passionate about Sparkol’s products, understanding what customers are trying to achieve and finding creative solutions. He’s also keen on circus skills - which comes in handy when juggling priorities. Along with rest of his team, Jonny is dedicated to helping all our users to get the very best out of our products so they can create their own captivating and memorable videos.

Louise Greaves, Marketing Lead

Lou is our Marketing Lead, bringing 15 years of experience driving growth for B2B tech businesses at the forefront of tech innovation. Working for early adopters in the fields of augmented reality, virtual reality and AI; she’s passionate about using data and customer insights to direct marketing strategy and is known for her creative problem-solving.

Jonathan Steele

Customer Success Team

'I don't think you're ready for this jelly - Winston Churchill.'

Oliver Luddy

Support Team

'I will add a quote soon, promise.'

Hayley Young

Customer Success & Product Team

'Sorry aboot that eh?'

Arantza Trinidad

Customer Success Team

'Life is too short to be ordinary. Be extraordinary.'

Howell Page

Engineering Team

'A quote needs to go here.'

Jez Becker

Engineering Team

'I’m completely full of wit.'

Tom Milner

Engineering Team

“Nothing to see here, move along now”

Glenn Flanagan

Engineering Team

"I’m huge fan of juggling spanners near the works"

Matt Chambers

Engineering Team

"I used to be a trampoline tester. It had its ups and downs."

Lisa Jackson

Delivery Manager

'It's not the thing you fling, it's the fling itself.'

Yi-Hsiang Huang

Engineering Team

'Is it that cold?'

Janelle Willson

Finance Team

'A day without coffee? Easy when you’re allergic.'

Vicki Bunch

Finance Team

'Eating pizza everyday should be mandatory.'

Sophie Cook

UX Team

'It needs more butter'

Ashden Walker

Marketing Team

'Full-time eater. Part-time marketer.'

Amiee PreFontaine

Marketing Team

'Professional yapper'

Alex Lloyd

Studio Team

'Insert witty quote here.'

Isaac Sergeant

Finance Team

‘If my mind can conceive it, if my heart can believe it - then I can achieve it. - Muhammad Ali'

Paddy Morton

Engineering Team

'To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance... with naps and pastries.'