Illustrator Roster

Illustrator Roster

Here at Sparkol, our mission is to create software that helps everyone, everywhere produce beautiful and engaging whiteboard videos, regardless of their creative ability.

That’s why we created VideoScribe, a software tool loved by users all over the world, in all sectors and industries. We have a huge image library of over 11,000 images that we’ve curated over the years to offer our users a wide and varied range of illustrations. 

However, we are always looking for opportunities to enhance our library's appeal and breadth. This means seeking out more images, exploring new styles, and expanding our range of options. Our ultimate goal is to provide our users with an extensive and exhilarating selection to explore, one which is constantly being updated with new and diverse options. And so we’re looking to create a roster of freelance artists who can help us do just that.

There are a number of ways we could work together - we could purchase images you already have in your portfolio and artwork them to make them draw in the style we’re famous for. You could create the SVG files we need from existing illustrations, or we could commission packs of images that meet certain requirements - we’re open to ideas and ways of working that will deliver the best results for our users.

If you’re interested in joining our roster of freelance artists, please send your portfolio of relevant work that you think would suit the VideoScribe style, a bit about yourself and indicative rate card to