Case Study: Working with IVE

Case Study: Working with IVE

Bringing our clients stories to life in magical and meaningful ways is what we pride ourselves on. Those moments when our clients first see their ideas transformed into visual stories - WOW moments - are what we live for! And the three part series we recently completed for our client, IVE, is no exception.

IVE are a UK-based charity, created to nurture and inspire talented young people from disadvantaged communities by helping them build up the skills needed for the 21st century. Check out our highlights reels below, or read on to watch the three part series for yourselves.

Bringing IVE's vision to life

Telling IVE's Story

Every day we face different challenges. Whether you're trying to grow your customer base, or looking to reach more people, video can often be an effective solution. In IVE's case, they faced the challenge of attention. How could they capture and explain the creative thinking process to a wide audience of young people, while introducing the concepts of divergent and convergent thinking, and the ideation process? This is where our three part video series comes in, linking up the concepts with their own video. Check out the first video for the series, covering how you can think divergently.

Bringing IVE's Story To Life

We took the time to understand the breadth of IVE's vision; what animation style they preferred, how long they wanted their videos to be, and if there were any specific requirements. This is how we learnt about the importance of accessibility for their videos. With accessibility at the forefront of our minds, the whiteboard animation style was chosen; it's fun, accessible and effectively gets the message understood in an appealing way. IVE also wanted a second variation of each video with subtitles, so that's exactly what we did! Check out the second video of the series here covering convergent thinking, with subtitles.

The Finished Production

With the three part series complete, IVE now uses them in their direct teaching as part of their Applied Creativity Labs. The videos also live on their YouTube channel, their website, and form part of a broader European project about scaling the delivery of their Applied Creativity Lab model. Hello global reach! The young people who've seen the videos think they're great - they love the drawing style (winner!), but most importantly they've understood how to think divergently, convergently, and how to come up with creative solutions to problems.

"The Studio team are all engaging, professional, and keen to provide us with just what we imagined and asked for. We’d highly recommend them!"

Sarah Mumford, IVE Programmes Director for Creative Learning

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