Sparkol Academy;

Sparkol Academy

From novice to ninja with our customized training

Our Academy team will teach you everything you need to know about compelling storytelling techniques, and creating powerful videos in Sparkol's video creation software. You’ll be adding video production to your resume in no time with our customized training programs, workshops and webinars!

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Tailored to you

Our courses and workshops are tailored to suit your business needs. Hello full animation Jedi skills, goodbye boring PowerPoint transitions. The choice is yours for delivery too - completely online or face-to-face (when the world returns to normal). Contact us today to start putting together your own customized training plan!

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Looking for something else? Let us show you how else we can help!

Our Solutions Packages

Our Solution Packages have been designed for our VideoScribe users to get the most value out of your subscriptions - just choose a package that suits you to kick start your VideoScribe skills and get creating, quickly.

With each package, all your VideoScribe subscriptions come as standard, along with a series of tailored online training resources by our Academy team. 

What packages do we offer?
The Fast Track Package
The Enterprise Package
The Premium Package

Click here to download our guide and find out more!

Sparkol Studio Whiteboard Animation Style;
Sparkol Studio 2D Animation Style;

Our live webinars

There's nothing worse than paying to sit through a workshop that's filled with content that you just don't need! That's why we create our webinars to meet your objectives - whether you're looking for new ways to provide professional learning opportunities, or just wanting to upskill a department. 

They're one of the best ways our customers get the hands-on training needed to transform ideas into professional-looking animated videos.

Each session is delivered live, meaning you can engage our instructor and get answers to your questions in real-time! 

You'll get everything you need, and nothing you don't.

Udemy on-demand courses

Want to take a step back and learn in your own time? Our Udemy courses are your best friend! Udemy is one of the leading online learning marketplaces so we thought it'd only be right that we join the party.

We have two in-depth training courses live on Udemy, showcases the top hints and tips on using VideoScribe. 

Our Udemy Courses
VideoScribe Fundamentals Training: Creating Animated Videos
This is a comprehensive guide, full of expert tips and tricks from the head trainer at Sparkol.

VideoScribe Advanced Training: Mastering Whiteboard Animation
An advanced guide, full of creative techniques and tips from the Head Trainer at Sparkol.

Sparkol Studio Mixed Media Video Production;

"The in-person training delivered by Sparkol Academy was wonderful - a combination of theory and practical exercises to get the students making things with the software. This worked really well and built the confidence in video creation and helped staff to get more out of using VideoScribe."

Ronald Bremer, University of Applied Sciences Utrecht


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Speak to our Academy team today. They pride themselves on creating bespoke training packages to fit your budget and requirements. 
Rather give us a call? UK: +44 117 428 6117 or US: +1 646 475 1630

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