VideoScribe by Sparkol is a Learning Technology of the Year Finalist

Monday, October 16, 2017
Corporate L&D professionals, trainers and practitioners across the world use VideoScribe to create engaging, immersive explainer videos every day.
This applies to training programs of every approach – from formal ILT and VILT sessions, to Blended and Flipped Learning, formal simulations, group learning and micro training.
Micro training is one of our favorite uses - explainer videos can be any length so there is definitely more than enough time for a short 30 second explainer video within the estimated 4.8 minutes a day an average employee has for learning activities.

This versatility is one of the many reasons why VideoScribe has been named a finalist in the CUBIC Awards for Learning Technology of the Year. Part of Corporate Learning Week, the awards celebrate excellence and innovation in the corporate learning sector.
Investing in employee development retains a productive and motivated workforce, and assists HR with its talent acquisition process. We’re excited CUBIC’s judges have recognised the role explainer videos play in those processes.
Wish us luck on November 16!
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