15 GIFs every presenter will identify with

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Did you know that public speaking has been voted more scary than claustrophobia, going to the dentist... even dying alone? It's no wonder really – public speaking puts us under pressure to inform, entertain and engage all at once. Things most of us barely manage one at a time.  

Here are 15 on-point GIFs to help you get through the process.

So you’ve been told you need to deliver a presentation. At first you're like...


Scrubs GIF


Then you realise you'll have to stand up in front of loads of people...


Airplane sweating GIF


And talk. In front of loads of people…


Snow White scared GIF


You’re not grown up enough for any of this.


Suit baby GIF


You sit down to plan your script, but nothing comes out right.


Rage quit GIF


You’re running out of time. The fear sets in.


Lemon Grab Adventure Time GIF


You start to imagine your audience's reaction...


Simon Cowell bored GIF


Somehow you find the strength to go on...


Anime power GIF


And suddenly, inspiration strikes...


Mind blown GIF


After a few practices you're like...


Laverne Cox confident GIF


Presentation day arrives, and you're nervous as hell.


Smoking Donald Duck GIF


But you psych yourself up...


Beyonce fierce GIF


... give it your best shot ...


Dirt truck win GIF


... ace the presentation...


Oscars award GIF


... and celebrate. Hard.


Amy Schumer drinking wine GIF



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