The Sparkol 2021-22 Animated Video Survey

The Sparkol 2021-22 Animated Video Survey

The way we use video and animation is constantly evolving. It plays a role in almost every part of our lives from education and learning to marketing, communication and entertainment. It's people like you who are innovating on a daily basis, perhaps even without realizing it...

We need you!

Which is why we want to dive deeper. We're asking you to share more about how you use video and the insights you've developed so we can build a true picture of the opportunities video presents and how trends are changing as we enter 2022.

We'll be collating and analyzing all the anonymous data shared in this survey to create a complete report on the state of animated video in 2021 and beyond. Giving you the insights you need to take your use of animation to the next level and learning from each other.

If that sounds good to you, click below to start the survey (it should take about 5 minutes to complete) 👇

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Thanks for your help with this! We really appreciate it and we can't wait to share the final report in the coming months 🙌

P.S. We won't be asking for any personal information in the survey and all data will be kept anonymous.