The Seven Pillars of Storytelling

Audiences are tired of traditional marketing. Facts, figures and bold claims bore us. We switch off at aggressive adverts. But stories? We’re hardwired to see stories as a gift. Stories strike a chord with the listener. Stories get shared. Stories mean business.
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The Secrets Behind the Rise of Video Scribing

Discover the revealing research that explains video scribing’s powerful appeal. Get inspired by the true stories of regular people – business owners, marketers, teachers – who brought their message to life with a scribe.
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How to Design Your Own Whiteboard Animation

Follow this A to Z of scribing to learn how to make your own killer scribe videos from scratch. Get expert advice at every stage of the process – from planning your first script to recording pitch-perfect audio and, ultimately, winning your audience.
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How to Nail Your Next Presentation

Public speaking is hard. Presenting is synonymous with fear and anxiety for most. Yet kick-ass presentation skills are essential for grabbing your audience’s attention and creating a lasting impression of your business.
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