The Seven Pillars of Storytelling

By Ffion Lindsay

Audiences are tired of traditional marketing. Facts, figures and bold claims bore us. We switch off at aggressive adverts.

But stories? We’re hardwired to see stories as a gift. Stories strike a chord with the listener. Stories get shared. Stories mean business.

Any company that wants to reach and connect meaningfully with an audience needs to stop shouting and start telling their story.

The Seven Pillars of Storytelling shows you how.

In these easy-to-follow chapters, explore the expert strategies that brand giants use to rise above the competition. Discover classic storytelling techniques, universal plots and archetypes that will amplify your message and appeal to your customers.

Quickly learn to produce business stories that get to the heart of who you are. Show your team how to find and put together useful narratives that will influence, convince and inspire your audience.

It’s time to tell your story.

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