Sparkol launches new online video creation software, Scribely

Monday, June 1, 2020

We are so excited to announce the launch of our newest video creation software, Scribely! Scribely is Sparkol’s latest innovation to get you creating engaging video experiences in minutes. From video pros to regular Joe’s, Scribely is perfect for all skill and ability levels. Whether you're on the run or in the office, use Scribely to turn your ideas into engaging video experiences. Use our extensive library of pre-animated images, fonts and GIFs or upload your own, add your music, then sit back and watch your ideas come to life!

The best part is you don’t need any video or animation experience to get started.

Scribely follows our vision that anyone, anywhere can bring stories to life in magical and meaningful ways with Sparkol. We understand that sometimes time and budgets don’t allow for complex video creation with specialist animators. Scribely is a bold, imaginative software that removes the need to spend huge amounts of cash and hours of back-and-forths with agencies, and empowers anyone with an idea to create an engaging video.

With our simple drag and drop functionality, you just choose the right canvas size for your project - whether it’s content for Instagram Stories or advertising on LinkedIn - then add your images, GIFs and music from our library of pre-animated assets, or upload your own. Within minutes you’ll be ready to share your new video creations with the world!

What do you need to use Scribely?

A laptop, computer or tablet, the internet and most importantly, a story to share! Scribely is accessible through your favorite web browser meaning you can access it anytime, anywhere.

How much does Scribely cost?

You can use Scribely forever, for free! However, like all things that are free, there are limitations. To have full access to Scribely, you need to become a Scribely Creator. This subscription is billed every month. Our Creators gain access to unlimited downloads per month, unlimited elements in a video, and unlimited scribe projects!

What have people said about using Scribely?

"I adored the ease of use and the ability to transform a fond memory into a functional story. For people who've never tried to make their own videos, I believe this would be super user friendly from what I've seen thus far!"- Jennifer Ziegler, Content Marketer

“Scribely is an excellent tool, allowing me to create animated videos to share on social media quickly and easily. I can create impactful promotional videos without having to know anything about video editing.” - Alfonso Pio Iosca, Web Designer

“Today, we’re so pleased to launch our newest video creation tool, Scribely. I’m so proud of our team for creating a tool that’s simple to use, for people of any ability, to make and share engaging video content. Plus, my kids love it (and it’s been a lockdown-distraction lifesaver)!” - Our very own CEO, Zoe Taylor

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So what are you waiting for? Turn your ideas into engaging video experiences today! Visit scribely.co to get started.

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