Sparkol Advent Calendar 2013

Sparkol is giving out offers, presents, quizzes, competitions and FUN every day of December up to Christmas day. Welcome to the Sparkol Advent Calendar 2013!

Expect some serious help with your seasonal shopping, VideoScribe goodies and giveaways, and the most unusual prizes you're likely to win this winter.

Also, there are unicorns.

Don't miss a single day

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Dec 1 – Free Christmas image pack and Santa scribing hands

Dec 2 – Win £25 iTunes vouchers for worst Christmas cracker joke

Dec 3 – VideoScribe HD iPad app for only $1.99 (£1.49)

Dec 4 – Free Christmas scribe template

Dec 5 – Free rainbows and unicorns image pack

Dec 6 – Win VideoScribe for a year – fun Christmas quiz

Dec 7 – 7 New Christmas music tracks in VideoScribe

Dec 8 – 4 Wildly different charities to support

Dec 9 – £50 off VideoScribe!

Dec 10 – Win £25 iTunes vouchers – guess how many snowballs

Dec 11 – Win VideoScribe yearly licence by retweeting this message

Dec 12 – Free cats and kittens image pack

Dec 13 – Win custom drawing from Sparkol's illustrators

Dec 14 – 50 Must-follow video professionals on Twitter

Dec 15 – The Sparkol Christmas playlist

Dec 16 – Worst ever christmas present competition

Dec 17 – Free cartoon and CG hands

Dec 18 – Win £50 Amazon vouchers – send your Christmas scribe

Dec 19 – Free Dickens 'A Christmas Carol' image pack

Dec 20 – Win a Christmas jumper – devilishly difficult quiz

Dec 21 – Can you guess who wins the Sparkol eatathon? (VIDEO)

Dec 22 – Free Nativity scribe template

Dec 23 – Vote for your favourite Christmas movie

Dec 24 – How (not) to say Happy Christmas in 16 languages (VIDEO)

Dec 25 – Merry Christmas! (From all of us at Sparkol)

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