One academy alone reaches a million kids with VideoScribe

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The International Academy of Science is a not-for-profit organization that creates and delivers educational videos through a program called Acellus. The courses help students to understand challenging concepts. We were overjoyed to find out that they're using VideoScribe – especially when we discovered just how many kids they support.

Acellus is a computer-based learning system, used by thousands of schools in all 50 states in America. It teaches concepts through live-action video and scribes, tests each student on their comprehension and adjusts itself to the needs of each student accordingly.

Tobias Billings, Director of Video Production at Acellus, got in touch with us recently to tell us how useful they're finding VideoScribe. And when he told us just how many kids are currently using their courseware, our jaws dropped.

Over a million young people are currently using Acellus.

VideoScribe is easy to use and straightforward. It's also very versatile and powerful. It’s one of those things where the sky’s the limit on the amount of creative things you can do with it.

– Tobias Billings

The video production team at the Academy began using VideoScribe this summer. They started by producing short, targeted video lessons and it's quickly become a primary weapon in their arsenal of teaching methods.

It's amazing how it seems to captivate and hold the attention of students. Something about VideoScribe just works! Everyone loves it, and it gets through to the students. Keep up the good work guys! You're making a difference.

Happily, Tobias' story just confirms what we already knew – that scribe videos can increase learning by 15%, improve memory by 18%, and has led to real-life successes in teaching time and time again.

Thank you to Tobias for sharing his inspiring story. If you'd like to share your scribing achievements with us, please get in touch via Facebook or Twitter.

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