4 Nutty tips for engaging your audience

Thursday, November 6, 2014

One of my heroes is children's entertainer Nutty Noah. Every day, his task is to engage one of the most easily distracted audiences there is – young children. And he does it brilliantly. But what exactly makes his shows so engaging? And why is his logo a giant pair of pants? 

When you see what a great job Nutty Noah does of grabbing and keeping his audience's attention, it's hard not to get excited.

It made me start to wonder – how does he make his performances so engaging? Is it the humour? Delivering the unexpected? Or just plain magic tricks?

So we asked him – 'how did you learn to engage your audience?'

1. Do your research

Nutty Noah: It was my wife Toni who first noticed I had a natural affinity with kids and suggested I perform a show aimed at entertaining youngsters.

I didn't want to go down the route of buying pre-made props that lots of entertainers use in their shows. I wanted to connect directly with the children's sense of humour, giving them what I thought they needed and wanted from an entertainment show.

After months of painstaking research, it became clear that kids have a fantastic sense of fun, and love jokes about pants – Jon too!

2. Work out what makes you unique

NN: The next part was delivering what they found funny in an entertaining and magical way. This was particularly hard as I was essentially creating tricks that had never been performed before, so had to start from scratch.

3. Disrupt expectations

NN: It took three years until I was truly happy with what I had created and had enough material to keep kids engaged and hooked on the show.

In my performances, I like there to be lots of 'suddenly this' and 'suddenly that' – moving from one thing to the next quickly, and never patronising them in any way. I found that the kids love this and it stops them getting bored.

4. Share your excitement for what you do

NN: Some of the jokes in the show have a broad age appeal, but never at the expense of alienating any of the audience. This is really important to me as I want everyone to have a good time.

It's so great to be able to have a job that makes people happy, I consider myself very lucky.

A big thank you to Nutty Noah for sharing his story with us.

Have you been inspired by anyone recently? Who's the most engaging presenter you've come across? Share your experiences on Facebook or Twitter.

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