Look! Shiny new people at Sparkol!

These happy, smiling little faces belong to our brand new developer and junior copywriter. But what will they be doing at Sparkol? What are their hopes and dreams? Most importantly – how do they feel about man-eating chinchillas?

Meet Justin

Age: 39

Role: Developer

Where did you grow up?

Doncaster, South Yorkshire.

What did you do before joining Sparkol?

For the past 12 years I’ve been a freelance graphic designer and creative developer.

What are you most excited about doing at Sparkol?

After so long working on my own, I’m thrilled to be back working in a team. I look forward to building new friendships and being able to bounce ideas around people who embrace the geek in me.

What are you bringing to the team?

I am specifically focusing on becoming the best product developer/programmer I can be. I am tenacious, efficient and focused.

 Your house is on fire. What three things do you save?

My partner Sammi and my two step-kids Dakota and Ethan, although I’d probably go back in for my four dogs too!

Do you have any secret skills?

I’m a rescue diver and regularly scuba dive both in the UK and abroad. I’m also a music producer– I’ve released an album and a few EPs and am currently working on my second album.

What is your zombie apocalypse survival plan?

I would set up a brains restaurant and probably do take-out as well.

Meet Ffion

Age: 23

Role: Junior Copywriter

Where did you grow up?

On the side of a very pretty hill in the middle of nowhere in Wales.

What did you do before joining Sparkol? 

I studied English Literature at Cardiff and then spent a year or so doing publishing internships and admin for a children's charity.

What's your favourite thing about working at Sparkol?

I get to spend all day writing, surrounded by lots of other creative people. Everyone is incredibly friendly which makes for a great working environment. Also, there is cake.

What's valued most highly at Sparkol? 

Good ideas. Learning from our mistakes. Making a difference.

What are you reading at the moment?

For my birthday my partner gave me a gorgeous guide to the Book of Kells (a famous religious manuscript)– it's more interesting than it sounds! I have also been trying to finish Anna Karenina for almost a year now but I keep accidentally ending up on Reddit.

If you were a biscuit what would you be?

A ginger nut. I'm a proud redhead and besides, all the best people are a little bit mad.

If you were attacked by a giant chinchilla, would you hide or run away?

Neither. I would put a saddle on it and ride it majestically down the street.

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