8 Hilarious TV presenter meltdowns that will make your day

Thursday, July 23, 2015

"I simply adore presenting to an audience." Ever said that? Me neither. Most mere mortals have their nerves racked by public speaking. So when something goes wrong, fight or flight kicks in. Hard. Often with hilarious results.

Presenting calls for next-level grace under pressure. Live on camera, an audience of millions, all eyes and ears on you. Most pros handle it with aplomb.

But some presenters have no chill. None.

1. Transform this

2. Bug life

3. "Let's do the shot here, it'll be fine."

4. When diction attacks

5. Cloudy with a chance of arachnids

6. North-westerly diaphragm

7. Rigged

8. Whale of a time

Next time you drift up presentation creek without a paddle, just smile, keep calm, carry on.

The waterfall of mercy is but a short journey along the river of shame.

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