5 Clear proofs that whiteboard animations boost engagement (infographic)

Monday, January 26, 2015

Two thirds of US businesses want their marketing to be more engaging in 2015. The same number want to become better storytellers this year. Do you?

Whiteboard animations grab and keep your audience's attention in a way that other video formats can't match. With better engagement comes more social shares and higher conversions. Here's the clear proof.


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Where did we get the numbers?

52% use VideoScribe for marketing

When people buy VideoScribe, we ask them what they're using the software for. As of January 2015, 52% of the 611 respondents to this question said they use VideoScribe for marketing.

15% better at getting your message remembered

In 2012, award-winning professor of psychology Dr Richard Wiseman took a video of himself talking and created a scribed version using exactly the same audio. He tested viewers' memory after they watched one or the other and found a 15% rise in recall for those who had watched the scribe video.

Psychology behind whiteboard videos – how they increase learning by 15%

Better recall across age groups, more likely to be shared, create recommendations and lead to a sale

In June 2013, we conducted our own version of Dr Wiseman's experiment. We showed 1000 people a talking head video and 1000 others a whiteboard animation with identical audio, before asking them the same memory questions. We also asked how likely they would be to share the video and recommend or buy the service shown.

Just how effective are scribe videos anyway? (Infographic)

US marketers want to be more engaging and better storytellers

This is taken from the Content Marketing Institute's survey of 5000 US business-to-consumer marketers.

Download '2015 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends - North America' from the Content Marketing Institute (pdf)

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