How video can help your organization prepare for the end of lockdown

Thursday, May 14, 2020

The end is coming! With signs showing the end of lockdown could be around the corner, we’re beginning to get a glimpse of the post-COVID-19 world. With any hope, the rules for life after lockdown will be a little clearer than the past few weeks have been. It’s been a confusing time. 

Are you allowed to go for a drive? Are you allowed to see loved ones from a distance? Buying sweet treats from the local bakery is definitely not essential, but then minimising your cupcake intake means a failure to support local businesses. 

So, as we enter this new chapter it’s important to have a clear plan for your organization. As government guidelines start to shift and businesses may have the flexibility to set their own parameters, what policies will you have in place to prevent the spread of the virus?

Once you have a plan of action, video is a brilliant medium to keep employees and customers informed. Use this engaging tool to provide clarity, reassurance and demonstrate just how seriously you take your responsibilities. If you’d like help creating your own animation, contact the Sparkol Studio team to discuss your ideas.

Animation makes information clear

Now more than ever, making information easy to understand is crucial. The ability to create attractive visuals makes animation a clear winner in this category. Creating a simple animated video is a fantastic method of sharing your post-lockdown rules. 

The UK supermarket Sainsbury’s have recently produced a brilliant example of this. Uncomplicated yet engaging, their animation explains how the store is doing their part to prevent contamination. 

Rather than using real-life actors (which in this instance could produce clunky and perhaps cringe-worthy results), animating the information makes for a crisper finish. In fact, unless you want to star in your own post-lockdown information video, the quarantine logistics of live action filming puts it out of the question. Animation is both simpler to understand and simpler to produce. 

Communicate with employees

When changing policies, communication is key to success. Video is a channel of communication that can keep employees updated regarding COVID-19 strategies.

With information as important as post-lockdown plans, why risk it getting lost in an email? Particularly if you rarely use video as a method of internal communication, utilizing it now will highlight the significance of your message.

In times of turbulence, employees need leadership and transparency. Prevent gossip and fear spreading amongst staff by producing a video which lays out your plans for the coming months, and helps them understand the rules they may need to enforce.

Reassure the public

Once lockdown lifts we’re not all going to go back to our pre-COVID-19 lives immediately, hyped up on freedom and easily accessible toilet paper. It will take time for our confidence to return.

In fact, the term ‘coronaphobia’ is emerging to describe our fear of catching COVID-19. Plenty will still feel nervous about getting on public transport or going shopping. For example in the UK, where lockdown is expected to start lifting imminently, only 11% of Brits feel it is safe to open restaurants and cafes

In a consumer facing industry you need to do everything possible to reassure the public that your business is a secure place to be. It’s not enough to merely have these policies in place for a customer to discover. 

Instead, you need to be actively explaining to your customers that it is safe to return to you. Use the power of video to demonstrate how you’ll maintain public health and what you’ll do to prevent a second wave. 

Improve your organization’s reputation by showing that you’re striking the balance between keeping customers safe, without making life more complicated than it needs to be.

Highlight changes to your products or services

Lastly, use video to inform customers how your products have or have not been affected by COVID-19. Although predicted to be short and sharp, the looming recession will leave question marks over how readily available your services are, or how you’re catching up after being in lockdown. 

Even if the effects of COVID-19 have been incredibly problematic for your organization, consumers and shareholders will appreciate your transparency.

For example, a supermarket may make a video reassuring customers that while most products are available, there may be a delay getting certain items. Similarly, a start-up which makes it easy to arrange care for the elderly may have had unprecedented levels of calls from concerned family members. An animation, explaining how the company is employing additional carers will provide comfort. 

When it comes to something as unpredictable as a global pandemic, people are understanding, providing you keep them informed.

Here, Barclays bank gets the tone just right, reassuring customers that whilst high street branches are temporarily closed, their services are still available online. Rather than throwing the public in the deep end, they use video to maintain an open channel of communication.


How the Sparkol Studio can help

If you, like many others, find yourself with a vision for a video but you’re not sure how to bring it to life, the Sparkol Studio can help! Our bespoke animation studio can create a distinctive video for your organization to outline your next steps over the coming months.

With script writers, animators and voice-over artists, the Sparkol Studio creates videos that help you tell your story in engaging and memorable ways. Learn more about our video creation process or contact our friendly team to discuss your ideas here

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