Facebook's 4 tips for more video views and social shares

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The average Facebook user watched 75% more video in the last year compared with the year before. That rises to a whopping 94% in the USA.

The social media giant has been averaging more than 1 billion video views a day since June 2014. That’s a lot of video - without even mentioning YouTube.

What does this surge in demand mean for video makers?

Facebook offers some tips for creating content that people want to view and share:

  1. Grab attention - make your video watchable and compelling from the first frame
  2. Keep it brief - a tight script will help you keep it short, which can boost views
  3. Be useful - what problem does your viewer have that you can solve?
  4. Make it unique - talk about the things that you know and do that nobody else does

Unsure how to demand attention?

The way you tell a story is just as important for engagement as the story itself. If you want to capture the imagination from the get-go, some storytelling techniques work better than others.

The in medias res and 'false start' storytelling techniques are great for capturing the imagination from frame number 1 of your video.

Find out more: 8 Classic storytelling techniques for engaging presentations

We look forward to seeing your new and compelling scribes throughout 2015. Share them with us on Facebook and Twitter using #videoscribe.

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