Explaining your product with video? Get to the point quickly

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Explainer videos are one of the most popular uses for whiteboard animations - short scribes about how something works. A recent article from a leading research group revealed how people interact with explainer videos online. Here’s a summary to help you create more engaging and effective videos.

The Nielsen Norman Group (NNG) are one of the leading researchers into how people use websites, content and apps. A recent article from NNG's Amy Schade contained four great tips for using explainer videos. But the stand-out one is this:

Make every second count.

Amy says you need to prove to people right away that watching your video will benefit them. This means it needs to be engaging from the very first frame.

The first impression is crucial… Videos not only need to be as short as possible, but also effectively concise. Cutting content, writing more succinct scripts, or editing with a critical eye may be the solution.

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Refine and shorten your script

Spend time and effort on your script before you begin storyboarding and animating your scribe. Try saying what you want to say in the fewest words you can possibly use.

If it [the scribe] over-relied on text – it would be too abstract. I actually deleted some content because I couldn't show it and that made me think 'why do I need this?'

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More advice for video creators

The other 3 tips from the NNG article are:

  1. Use a transcript or captions - so that your message still reaches those who don't watch
  2. Don't force video on people with autoplay - let them choose whether to view
  3. Make your title clear - you can't skim read video content, so a clear description is vital

This is great, easy-to-follow advice for anybody embedding video within a website - whether it's a whiteboard animation or not.

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