50 Pros on Twitter who will revolutionise your videos

Saturday, December 14, 2013

This is one powerful list of talent. Among these 50 professionals to follow on Twitter are film producers, animators, illustrators, scribe video producers and creative inspiration bloggers. They have one thing in common: each one has the power to inspire you and help you towards making high quality, creative videos.

If you're on Twitter, we recommend that you follow all of them.

Who have we missed out? Let us know at @videoscribetv#xmasparkol


  1. @animadetv – studio based in London, makes things move with character
  2. @juliapott – aggressively cute illustrations and animations
  3. @bodeanimation – explainer video experts, worked with 200+ startups
  4. @aandeddb – creative comms agency with the desire and energy of a startup
  5. @moonbotstudios – funky studio that made The Numberlys and Moreislessmore
  6. @eranhill – Tel Aviv animator, winner of Vimeo Awards 2010
  7. @Animation4Cause – nonprofit that creates free one-minute animations for good causes
  8. @sebasandclim – merges meaningful design with crafted motion
  9. @dennishoogstad – based in Delft, interesting use of colour
  10. @bofcuk – has animated for Microsoft, L'Oreal, O2, BMW – but does the little guys too


  1. @EmBemShem – skilled illustrator and wife of Sparkol designer Max
  2. @LuizStockler – director at Agile Films, 'draws on walls and writes nonsense'
  3. @_kate_eva – talented designer and in-house illustrator at Sparkol
  4. @lisacongdon – intricate line drawings and collages, widely used by publishing houses
  5. @thedrawinghouse – local illustrator inspired by old-fashioned artefacts
  6. @marcjohns – whimsical, witty drawings from Victoria, Canada
  7. @oliverjeffers – pic books have been translated into 30 languages, won numerous awards
  8. @emilyafox – another local artist, specialising in colourful and expressive animals
  9. @davidblatch – loud, in-your-face graffiti style artwork from Bristol
  10. @mrtommead – Beatrix Potter meets biomechanics with a dash of nightmare

Film producers

  1. @like_knows_like – ongoing documentary about creativity and showcasing digital artists
  2. @lizzieeverard – amazing designer and creator of the Tree Wisdom scribe video
  3. @Animoto – helps you make video masterpieces to share
  4. @cgsociety – Australian soc. celebrating achievement and invention in digital art
  5. @Parachutes_tv – French video company, interested in mathematics and symmetry
  6. @peteyboy100 – quirky, atmospheric short films for universities and for fun
  7. @sandboxstudio – promoted the compatibility of creativity and technology from the start
  8. @nexuslondon – Oscar and Grammy nominated production company
  9. @dumpsterproject – one man's quest to catalogue belongings in an old dumpster
  10. @MikePolizos – award- winning web and motion designer based in Athens

Scribe producers

  1. @EdenVideos – UK based team of whiteboard animation pros
  2. @TruScribeVideos – our collaborators in animation
  3. @theRSAorg – enlightenment organisation, the original scribing advocates
  4. @switchvideo – producer of 450+ explainer videos worldwide
  5. @AirheadsAnimate – Video marketing service that uses VideoScribe
  6. @QudosAnimations – funky scribe-style videos for the likes of deadmau5 and ebay
  7. @Pixton – simple comic-making software used by kids and adults alike
  8. @Russexplains – cartoonist using VideoScribe to make simple, effective videos
  9. @Ydraw – ex- Disney, Marvel and Cartoon Network illustrators

Creative inspiration

  1. @swissmiss – showcasing attractive and inspiring digital content
  2. @booooooom – art+photo blog with soft spot for handmade work
  3. @creativemorning – free monthly breakfast lectures for creatives
  4. @CreativeReview – advertising, design and visual culture est. 1980
  5. @FiftyThree – the makers of the Paper tablet and Pencil tool
  6. @nounproject – a free online collection of visual language symbols
  7. @iamkidpresident – sweet and insightful videos from the tiny president
  8. @offscreenmag – print magazine about the human side of bits and pixels
  9. @itsnicethat – champions of creativity across the art and design world
  10. @vsco – efficient creative tools- products include VSCO Cam, Grid, Film and Keys


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