4 Wildly different charities making a massive difference

Sunday, December 8, 2013
Sparkol has picked four amazing charities to profile in this season of goodwill. They are all special to us – we have connections to all of them. If you're up for helping people in desperate need this Christmas, this is a good place to start.


Ediths dream

Sparkol recently provided solar panels for this local hospital charity in Cameroon. Extra donations would enable Edith's Dream to get safe medical help to more and more people in poor, rural Africa. These are dedicated people doing a fantastic job. Take medical care into rural Africa


Hope for Justice Hope for Justice tackle the difficult problem of modern day slavery in the UK. Ben Cooley and team go to extraordinary lengths to raise the profile of the issue, this year cycling all the way from Latvia to England. Your money will help trafficked people to be rescued. Rescue abused, trafficked women



Taking a different approach to alleviating poverty, Kiva pass the money you donate straight to borrowers in developing countries. These microfinance loans help them to start businesses, get training, increase production. Best of all, when your money is repaid, you can put it straight back to work for another person who really needs it. Start a snowball of regeneration with a tiny loan



Unicef help children the world over, to survive, get educated, be well cared for and given opportunities to develop and have a good future. They assist with treatment for HIV/AIDS, and protection from diseases and mistreatment. The world would be a far more terrible place without their operations. Keep the hope coming to children around the world Thank you for your support.
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