Create captivating presentations from a single photo - try Tawe

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A picture's worth a thousand words, right? So why do we spend hours turning visual ideas into written presentations? Well those days are over, friend. Introducing Tawe - the app that changes the way you present forever.

Tawe (pronounced 'tour') is the free-to-download app that turns a photo into a captivating presentation – within seconds.

Dowload Tawe for free on the App Store

How Tawe works


Take a photo or screenshot – or choose one from your camera roll.

Open it in Tawe and set snapshots at points of interest in the picture.

That’s it – your presentation is ready. Present straight from your device or project to a big screen.

You can even record a voiceover and turn your tawe into a shareable video.

Watch a short tutorial on using Tawe at our YouTube channel

What's Tawe for?


Ever doodled, sketched or screen-grabbed an image that said exactly what you wanted to say? Use Tawe to instantly bring images to life - no more transcribing into Word or PowerPoint.

We think it's a stroke of genius –
Russell Anderson-Williams, Founder of The Prezenter

Perhaps you're a teacher struggling to keep 30 students interested in a textbook diagram. So snap it instead, turn it into a tawe and present from a big screen at the front of the class.

Explainer videos, keynote speeches, funny viral videos – the uses are endless.

Dowload Tawe for free on the App Store

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