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We are constantly getting amazing feedback from around the world, here are some of the recent comments we have recieved through Sparkol Answers, Facebook and Twitter. Thank you for your support!

Thank you for taking care of this so quickly. You guys are great. I will shout if from the mountains if you need me too. You are always ethical and FANTASTIC customer service.

Marge - VideoScribe User on 2014-04-17

I just banged out my first scribe and had a super good time doing it. You guys rock!

Philip - VideoScribe User on 2014-04-08

I'm loving...LOVING...VideoScribe. Again - loving this tool! I watched all of the video tutorials and have referenced the help for many tips. Well done!

Jane - VideoScribe Pro users on 2014-04-07

I LOVE sparkol, I'm your forever fan.

Ness - VideoScribe Pro user on 2014-04-04

I love your VideoScribe system. It is fun, creative and more importantly, very easy for me to use.

Dianne - VideoScribe user on 2014-04-03

Thanks again for your help … and for providing such a wonderfully creative and valued product!

Sue - VideoScribe Pro user on 2014-04-03

We love VideoScribe. It's an amazing product!

Sue - VideoScribe user on 2014-04-02

I recently bought the iPad version of your app VideoScribe; and fell in love with it (Love at first sight!) You guys are awesome!

Nimesh - iPad user on 2014-03-28

OMG, this solved a big problem for me and solves a big issue (i.e. transition time). Thank you very much for the helpful tip. I was wondering about it.

Muath, VideoScribe Pro user on 2014-03-26

These tutorials are brilliant Jonny! Thanks for sharing them. I love Sparkol! Plenty of new things to learn every day, that’s for sure.

Jenny, Australia on 2014-03-25

Your system is epic!

Jeremy - Director of Chez Vision on 2014-03-19

Keep it up, shaping to be a great tool!!! (already is)

Jaime, PRO user on 2014-03-18

Take the words of deep gratitude for your help me. You have demonstrated concern for me and your high level of professionalism. I wish you success in business development and good mood!

Vladimir on 2014-03-11

Sparkol’s Videoscribe also provides an animation component to presentations that is both interesting and captivating. The Videoscribe animation platform … brings it’s own unique pizzaz and flare to presentation creation … it is so innovative and different that you just can’t take your eyes off of what you are watching. This reaction should be what every presenter strives to achieve.

Jordana Pepper, PowToon on 2014-02-19

I am the managing director of Beyond Law. We are blown away by Videoscribe - congratulations on developing such a brilliant tool to make videos.

Anthony on 2014-02-10

Thank you – I have found just what I was searching for my presentation. [...] I have enrolled in VideoScribe Pro and I'll see how it goes.

Rafael Gonzalez on 2013-07-18

Discovered your software on Saturday, made 6 movies on Sunday within 14 hours -:) and had a very succesful strategic meeting for 45 staff members today... Everybody loved it and paid full attention!

Elwin from The Hague on 2014-02-05

Needed a way of visually showing form-filling in some eLearning. Sparkol Videoscribe to the rescue! So simple, so obvious - client LOVES it.

Bruce Graham on 2013-12-16

I learned to work this week in the program Sparkol. And now I do it with pleasure. It's just magic.

Julia Shinkevich on 2014-02-05

Great whiteboard of #facebook 10 year history!

Paul Edwards on 2014-02-05

Since finding this amazing opportunity, I have given up a corporate career to pursue the dream and passion of having my own studio

Jeasy Sehgal, Design Engineer on 2014-01-20

I have to say, the Sparkol product is allowing me to pursue a new direction in my career. Thanks

Stephen Saunders, Account Manager on 2014-01-19

Your product is beyond fantastic, and I am looking to use this product not only in my own classroom, but also to help promote this product as an excellent content development tool. My area of expertise is educational and instructional technology, and this product offers so many interesting possibilities especially when integrated with e-learning course modules. I can't wait to begin using the Pro version!

Mark, Las Vegas on 2014-01-17

RareAgent LOVES your product. We just landed another client over the weekend using your product.

RareAgent on 2013-12-16

We just got a Pro Version of Sparkol and literally in 2 days we've added three new clients!! We'd like to be an affiliate and also have each of our clients purchase Sparkol

Atlanta, USA on 2013-12-11

Be this as a big thank you to support team for great job on helping me to solve my problems. Round of applouse for you guys. thanks

Miguel Tablado Alandi on 2013-12-13

Thank you! Your customer service is excellent!

Dana, Colorado on 2013-12-05

Let me commend you on an absolutely extraordinary application! We have been playing with the application for a few days and love the idea and quality of work that can be produced using this very valuable tool.

Shahid, Abu Dhabi on 2013-11-13

Having so much fun working with @VideoScribetv

@cassiewalsh on 2013-09-13

Having so much fun working with @VideoScribetv - thanks for the recommendation

Matthew Brender ‏ on 2013-09-13

I just got a new project in on friday.. from market place.. so I am still very happy with my investment there.

Russ, Marketplace PRO user on 2013-08-19

Mike I think your system is fantastic - I used it as a video presentation at conference last month - went down very well! Regards Julian

on 2013-08-14

I tried downloading the trial version some weeks ago but my os x was too old - finally I upgraded my mac and started the trial version to do a scribe for the social foundation I volunteer for. Now, two houres later I am amazed and totally crazy about video scribe!! You are awesome!!! Even as a rookie I can scribe intuitively and the user guidance is great!! Thats all I wanted to say - just thank you for creating such a wonderful program!

on 2013-08-12

I didn’t realise something like this was available until you mentioned it. Thanks for letting me know Kate! I used it to create a promo for a football podcast I’m involved in. It didn’t take me too long at all and it got us some attention. It’s here in case anyone is wondering whether videoscribe is worth using and I’m not technical! I probably spent 2 hours making mistakes and getting to know the tool, and then another 2-3 hours to put it together Comment on Working the Cloud- Kate Russell. on 2013-08-06

I started using Sparkol about a year ago and I loved user friendly format so much that I started my own small business making promotional ‘Scribe Videos’ for other small business’s at a reasonable price. Here is one I have just completed. You can see all of my work here & Thanks for the video review of this great product, it was very informative. Colin Blog comment on Working the Cloud- Kate Russell- BBC Click on 2013-08-06

100 YAY! More educators for our @VideoScribetv fan club!

Lesa Haney ‏@lesahaney on 2013-07-06

Definitely enjoying playing with @VideoScribetv - Makes me feel like an artists :) Cld be a great #flipclass tool #edchat

Stacey Roshan ‏@buddyxo on 2013-07-08