Sparkol Affiliate Programme

Want to benefit from telling others about Sparkol VideoScribe? Then our Affiliate Programme is perfect for you!

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For every Sparkol Pro sign-up, we pay out a one-off payment of:

£7 (around $11) for a monthly subscription

£14 (around $22) for a yearly subscription

£40 (around $64) for an ultimate licence

If you introduce only 10 people in a month you could earn anywhere from £70 to £400 in one month. Introducing 100 people in one month could earn you up to £4,000*.

You don't need to sign anything or change your account settings.

As long as you have a Sparkol account you can instantly become an Affiliate, provided you agree to the Affiliate Terms and Conditions.

Your unique affiliate code is stored when a user comes to our site from a link you have sent out. This is stored so that when they come to upgrade or buy a pro account we will know who sent them to us.

This code links directly to your Sparkol account and allows us to credit your account.

We store this code when a user visits from a link you send out, so even if they revisit the site several times over several days and initially sign-up free, then upgrade - you still get credited.

At the end of every month we pay out for the previous month's affiliate links through PayPal. You only need to specify your chosen Paypal account once, after you have had your first successful signup. Please note, you will receive payment once your second sign-up has cleared. Full payment terms.

There is no limit to the earnings or potential, but we do ask you to be clear, honest and moral in your communications and not to spam anyone. If we get reports of abuse or find that you are damaging the Sparkol brand, we will be left with no choice but to suspend your Affiliate involvement.

* Pricing is subject to change

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